Vedic pandits

Yagya for world peace & for the welfare of individuals

It is a big question nowadays how to create world peace, what can be the solution for this. Many attempts were made so far, but none of them proved as a final good solution.

Why? It is not possible to create world peace without the inside peace of the individuals. The inside peace of individuals should be the base of the coherence in national consciousness, and coherent nations can keep peace in the world.

With the help of vedic pandits and with the help of vedic yagyas it is much more easier to find inside peace for the individuals. Anybody can read in vedic literature that yoga and yagyas are the bases of the real evolution and real peace in the world. With meditation and with vedic yagyas by time anybody can reach higher states of consciousness, can reach inside peace, can reach balanced mind and balanced emotions.

This is the real way to balance individual, and believe me a balanced state of an individual will always be a good sample, will always be a desired state for others to reach. In this way more and more people can reach the desired balanced state, and more and more people can live in contentment. A contented man is not dissatisfied; he or she is peaceful and is a good person.

As vedic yagyas are performed by vedic pandits, in that way we can say that vedic pandits represent a very important role in creating world peace.